Historical Background:

Towards the end of the last Century, when a cotton leaf worm infestation was at its peak, the importance of controlling agricultural pests rose to prominence. The damage threat was so great that in 1883 government authorities called for the immediate formation of a national committee to recommend actions to combat the pest. As a result, the Royal Agricultural Society, formed in 1889, became the principal center for pest research in Egypt for the next twenty years. In 1910, a branch for pests was formed within the Agricultural Department of the administration of Public Works. In 1913, a separate Administration for Agriculture was created which included an insect Research Department as one of its specialized technical departments.

The Plant Protection Authority, which included departments of Pests, Plant Pathology, and Agricultural Quarantine, was formed in 1950. With the formation of the Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in 1983, The Plant Protection Research Institute was created combining in one institute the various existing pest research departments.

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