Egyptian Journal of Plant Protection Research Institute

The Message

Within the framework of the Agricultural Research Center's mission to achieve the strategy of sustainable agricultural development, the Plant Protection Research Institute is committed to producing applied scientific research in the field of agricultural pest control to contribute to the service and development of the agricultural community.


The Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI) seeks to be one of the leading scientific institutes in the field of integrated pest management, both regionally and internationally, to meet current and future challenges in research, development, extension and training to achieve sustainable agricultural developmentthat it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters.


  • 1. Survey, identification, classification of pests all over the country.
  • 2. Predicts infestations and determines optimal times for implementation control procedures.
  • 3. Participates with The Central Directorate for Pest Control in establishing this important long term plan.
  • 4. Identifying and recommending suitable types and quantities of pesticides is a key activity.
  • 5. Commercial mass production of different natural enemies and microorganism which can help control pests without pesticide use.
  • 6. Raises and disseminates bees, provides extension services to beekeepers and combats bee diseases.
  • 7. Distributing silkworm eggs among farmers and increasing the number of mulberry.
  • 8. Assists the agricultural quarantine authorities t preserve agricultural resources in Egypt by preventing new pests from entering the country.
  • 9. Technical publications for farmers and agricultural specialists are issued to assists them in identifying infestations and implementing appropriate prevention and control methods.